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Asset Tracking

When properly developed and implemented, RFID asset tracking solutions for all industries can generate significant ROI.
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When properly developed and implemented, RFID in Retail for Inventory Management can generate significant ROI.
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Supply Chain Management

RFID In Supply Chain Management can help you grow your operations with accuracy, precision, and scalability.
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the key benefits of RFID in Healthcare industry is the capacity to follow patients in real-time across the hospital grounds.
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What is RFID?

(RFID) Radio-Frequency Identification is a type of wireless communication technology that tracks and identifies objects and people that carry respective encoded microchips with the use of radio waves. RFID can be either active, passive, or battery-assisted. 
RFID is used to transfer data between a reader and a moving object to identify, track, and read it. Additionally, RFID does not need a line of sight or any direct contact between readers and tags, which makes the technology a perfect match with tracking objects or people from a distance. RFID technology is also used for high-speed inventory and logistic management. Its efficiency in industries has led to increased productivity and the decrease of costs.
Radio-Frequency Identification can be divided into two categories: active and passive. An active RFID uses tags that live off a power source, and is either connected to a powered infrastructure or a battery. However, when this power source is consumed, the active tags will no longer work. 
On the other hand, passive RFID tags do not need a power source – they live off all the energy they absorb from the reader’s radio frequency field. Passive tags do not need batteries, which makes them smaller and more practical than active tags.

Benefits of RFID

There are numerous benefits to RFID. One major benefit of RFID is keeping track of assets and better managing them. You can get to see a great deal of products of one type, and identify what condition they’re in and where they are. Consequently, RFID can simultaneously identify over 1000 items within a meter’s range, eliminating the need for a line of sight. 
Not only that, but it also improves data availability and accuracy, putting an end to basic errors such as duplicate, unclean data. In addition, RFID enhances health and safety – it helps you avoid using equipment or tools that might require fixing. 
In the long run, RFID can increase revenues and give in-depth information about all sorts of management activities, all of which can be used to help make better future plans, decisions, and efficiency enhancements. RFID can help offer a better understanding of the products, hence can increase customer satisfaction, which would most definitely lead to increased sales opportunities in the long run. 
RFID is also an effective time-saving tool as it eliminates the need to manually fill in information. Another great thing about RFID is that it performs really well in tough environments like humidity, exceptionally high temperatures, and temperature fluctuation. RFID tags can also handle sunlight and chemical exposure. 

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