CL4NX- The Industrial Thermal Printer


Retail industries need to create smart labels, to attach to crates, pallets and assets. Commonly used in the supply chain for manufacturing and distribution, RFID Printers/Encoders are automated label applicators that save time by automating the tedious procedure of manually encoding each tag.
These devices increase an RFID system’s functionality, regulate I/O devices, regulate system timing operations, and offer on/off functionality for various business applications.
CL4NX- The Industrial Thermal Printer
The CL4NX is perfect for a multitude of barcode & RFID applications across industries like retail, manufacturing, and automotive since it is designed to save time, decrease waste, and integrate smoothly into existing processes. It is designed for difficult industrial printing tasks as well as micro label tasks like labeling printed circuit boards (PCB) of compact electronic goods.

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Product Features & Specifications

Enhanced accuracy
CL4NX Plus is perfect for PCB labeling of electrical devices that are getting smaller and smaller because of its high printing accuracy.
Industrial durability
Multiple Interfaces Auto Switching
Dynamic Integration
Many available interfaces, including serial, parallel, LAN, USB, and WLAN. Emulations of competitive languages allow printers in legacy applications to be directly replaced.
Self Diagnosis
Head Check, Cutter-Cover Open, Stand-by Mode, Auto-Calibration
Width: 10.66″ (271.0 mm)
Depth: 17.99″ (457.0 mm)
Height: 12.63″ (321.0 mm)

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