SmartNODE SMN-890S Receiver


The Cadi SmartNODE SMN-890S RFID receiver is an integral component of the Cadi SmartSense wireless sensing and location tracking system. The SMN-890S is a POE enabled receiver for receiving data transmitted by all Cadi’s active RFID tags and forwarding them via its built-in Ethernet LAN interface to the Cadi SmartSense software engines for processing.
The SMN-890S has a built-in infrared (IR) subsystem that can be configured to broadcast a location beacon periodically. Cadi’s IR-enabled active tags (such as the STG-851) capture this beacon transmission and update their locations accordingly. As IR signals do not bleed across walls or ceilings, Cadi’s location tracking system eliminates room and floor hopping.

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Product Features & Specifications

  • The SMN-890S supports multiple location frequency bands (ASEAN, JP, EU, US)
  • Designed for both wall and ceiling mounting with mounting accessories
  • Powered by 12V DC POE or external adaptor with i/o ports for connection to external alert devices (LED beacon or door-access system)
  • Designed with UHF and IR and is compatible with Cadi’s suite of active RFID tags
  • Robust room level accuracy: The IR subsystem of the SMN-890S is designed to transmit in a manner that fills a room with a uniform and highly readable IR signal so that tags within the room can achieve a more robust and reliable reading of the location beacon when compared to other line-of-sight systems.

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