SmartTAG STG-836 Infant Safety Tag and Safety Band

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Cadi’s SmartTAG STG-836 active RFID tag is used for infant safety and is strapped on to the baby’s ankle with the aid of Cadi’s specially designed hypoallergenic safety band. Both products are key components of the Cadi SmartSense infant safety solution which also incorporates the use of Cadi STG-856 mother tag and STG-856C baby cot tag.
Leveraging Cadi’s unique tag-to-tag wireless technology, these sets of tags prevent incidents of infant mismatches. The RFID tags come pre-paired and cater for both single and multiple births. When used with Cadi SmartNODE receivers, exciters, and a software application dashboard, the Cadi SmartSense Infant Safety Enterprise solution enhances infant safety by providing continuous real-time location tracking and infant status monitoring.

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Product Features & Specifications

  • The STG-836 supports multiple location frequency bands (ASEAN, JP, EU, US)
  • It comes with tamper-alert capability when used with Cadi’s hypoallergenic safety band
  • The specially-designed safety band is ISO certified safe for use on human skin
  • STG-836 is waterproof and powered by a user-replaceable coin-cell battery
  • No manual pairing of tag to corresponding mother or cot tag is required
  • All matching verification is done wirelessly and on-demand if desired
  • STG-836 automatically provides for mismatch verification when in close proximity to a mother tag and/or cot tag
  • Provides 24/7 real-time surveillance of infant when used with the Cadi SmartSense Infant Safety Enterprise Dashboard Application

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