With a 7-inch TFT full colour touch screen, the award-winning SATO FX3-LX is a flexible, next-generation label printer suitable for a wide range of industries, including Food, Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics. FX3-LX’s Application Enabled Printing (AEP) platform allows the device to be used as a PC-less, online or standalone printer.
The device is also compatible with SATO Online Services (SOS), a cloud-based proactive maintenance solution that provides prompt support and eliminates unnecessary operational downtime.

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Product Features & Specifications

– Easy printing application to optimize the customer’s operation
– Highly customizable to meet the printing requirements from various industries
Multi-lingual support:
– Print the major world languages (47 printable languages)
– Operate the printer in the local language for your
– multinational workforce (31 LCD languages )
Print width
– 3 inch print width, 305 dpi
– Open doors to new applications in various industries
– (Media width: 85 mm / Print width: 80 mm / OD : 105 mm)
Easy update of application and database
– Several possibilities for easily updating the printing application and database: on the printer, USB memory, PC connection, cloud connection
Peace of mind with food-safe features
– Use FX3-LX to automatically calculate and print best- before and use-by dates, allergens and secondary shelf- life compliance information for individual products and ingredients, based on its internal product database.
Optimal Portability
Made to be carried around with handle. Easily charge the battery with the cradle.
User environment adaptability
Splash proof (IPx2) / slip resistance / easy to clean
Integrated AC adapter inside the cradle (option)

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