Why is Now the Best Time to Use RFID for Asset Tracking?

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RFID for Asset Tracking

Technological advancements are changing the way people work while also supporting firms in moving forward and remaining competitive. Technology has also had a significant impact on the workplace. It has decreased time-consuming and environmentally-wasteful activities, substantially enhanced productivity, and made distance working easier than ever.

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses are focusing on enhancing their operational efficiency through the latest technologies. RFID technology is being used by businesses in a variety of industries to increase the transparency of their assets and inventory and to keep their business processes running smoothly.

RFID asset tracking systems are widely utilized in a variety of industries, including logistics, automotive, manufacturing, retail, and construction. 

In this article, we will discuss why now is the best time to implement an RFID Asset Tracking system for your operations.

Control Your Inventory in Real-Time

The ability to track and trace items from manufacture to warehouse to shop or straight to the consumer is a game changer. RFID inventory systems that begin at the point of manufacturing enable a whole-of-supply-chain view. Before items are dispatched, RFID tags are attached to them, usually to intermediate distribution or warehousing facilities, on their route to business warehouses and/or storefronts, or directly to customers in the case of e-commerce sales. Throughout the supply chain, strategically positioned RFID readers pick up stock movement and direction, delivering real-time location and count data as merchandise goes from source to sale.

RFID tracking software ties it all together by offering a simple dashboard view of where all inventory is situated (or easy interaction with 3rd party systems), as well as exact counts for all stock items. RFID inventory systems have been demonstrated to achieve inventory accuracy of more than 95%, guaranteeing that the right things are in the right place at the right time.

Deliver Your Products Flawlessly

COVID-19 has changed how consumers purchase items, boosting the growth of online shopping and e-commerce delivery. The two significant needs for delivery services for senders are still price and dependability. Consumers today expect a faultless shopping experience, but with the large number of competitors, quality is often affected. This includes the experience they’ll have on the brand’s website, the packaging of the product, and most importantly, delivery time.

What happens if you can’t maintain a smooth production flow? Your business will lose labor resources, supply networks are disrupted, and product delivery is unnecessarily delayed. Products don’t get transported to the specified destination on time when there is a lack of visibility in goods that are going through phases of distribution or manufacture. As a result, there is an added expense, client trust is eroded, and undesirable items stay in stock.

With an RFID asset tracking system, everything will be automated easily, offering you a real-time view into production and analytics that eliminate bottlenecks and speed up product delivery.

Cultivate a Healthy Employee Culture

To find an asset, RFID technology does not require your staff to be within line of sight of it. When an RFID tag is attached to an asset, it is automatically identified and scanned as it moves between or within facilities. Employees are not required to waste time scanning individual barcodes or counting inventory quantities. The time to scan 10,000 items with a barcode reader is 53 hours, but scanning that many items needs only 2 hours with RFID technology.

This helps you save money on labor because you no longer need teams of workers to manually scan or track item movement. Furthermore, there are no more problems or costs associated with missing or lost items. Your staff may now devote their time to more vital duties that will benefit the company’s bottom line.

This way, you’ll help your employees take on more thought-provoking and engaging tasks rather than the mundane product tracking, allowing you to improve employee morale, and further their skills and development, ultimately creating a healthy work environment.

Buying an RFID Asset Tracking System

We have a highly unique process that’s specifically tailored to your business objectives, team structure, and resources. Our team has successfully installed more than 10 RFID asset tracking systems for institutions, hospitals, and businesses all over Saudi Arabia.

Whatever RFID solution you require, Makamat has got you covered. Customers may rest assured that our operating procedures will be suited to their individual operational needs.

Learn more about our company and how to get started with RFID deployment here.