Top 4 Industries That Use RFID Technology for Asset Tracking

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RFID Technology for Asset Tracking

RFID is one of the most well-developed technologies for asset tracking and management and is being used to manage assets in a variety of industries. Asset tracking software has shown to be efficient in providing businesses with a precise solution for managing and supervising their resources, equipment, tools, buildings, and assets.

Businesses in a variety of industries have realized the benefits of investing in asset monitoring software to have complete insight into overall asset-related activities. They’ve also used these platforms to help them make well-informed decisions about their resources. 

The finest asset management software relieves businesses of the burden of monitoring and managing their resources, as well as safeguarding their businesses from reputational and financial harm. It provides them with assurance, allowing them to make important decisions that will help them flourish.

In this article, we’ll explore the various industries in which RFID technology is being utilized as the driving force for asset tracking and management.

RFID Asset Tracking in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management operations have a lot of huge machinery and heavy equipment, with the main challenge of tracking and maintaining them efficiently.

With RFID technology, an asset monitoring software’s tailored functionality and accessible interface offer up a world of resource management alternatives, allowing you to keep all of your maintenance data at your fingertips. To ensure that none of your equipment fails you when it matters most, create automated notifications for each piece of equipment when it requires maintenance.

Moreover, to keep track of employee efficiency, RFID guarantees that the correct driver mans the allotted vehicle. RFID is included in every driver’s ID card, which is issued by their agency or employer. Aside from that, it keeps track of the employee’s working hours among other things.

Other large-scale companies, on the other hand, employ an asset monitoring database to keep track of diverse resources throughout the world, such as shipping containers. An industrial gas supplier, for example, might use the platform to monitor the status of their gas containers by location and generate a report.

Apart from the robust database that asset tracking software provides, businesses may customize additional features like information perception and information collecting without the need for programming knowledge, ensuring that relevant data is shown and collected correctly.

RFID Asset Tracking in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations may employ asset monitoring software for patient welfare in addition to tracking equipment. High-risk patients must be monitored on a frequent basis, and the high demand for personnel is a taxing burden on both hospital staff and financial budgets.

A significant quantity of expensive operating equipment has a tendency to be lost or misplaced when patients move from one hospital to another due to the unorganized systems in place at those times. These incidences not only cost more money, but they also risk patients’ lives.

To address this, hospitals and clinics can create patient profiles that are tailored to the requirements of the patients. Patient data may be analyzed over time to provide insights into their behavior and preferences. Medical personnel can also be monitored for their personal safety and well-being by giving them wearable gadgets. When a patient is admitted after being hospitalized for a long period of time, RFID allows the doctor to determine if the patient is allergic to any medications. The patient’s medical history also aids surgery by giving critical information.

Furthermore, a hospital has a large number of surgical instruments, each of which is expensive. These tools come in a variety of sizes, and the tiny ones are easy to misplace or steal. You can always keep track of your tools with an RFID tag. In a hospital, every instrument is crucial. With healthcare RFID asset tracking, the hospital can also keep its tools in good working order.

RFID Asset Tracking in Retail

Did you know that RFID technology is used by Bon-Ton, Walmart, Target, Sears, Saks 5th Avenue, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Hudson’s Bay, and even Amazon? – Cybra

RFID technology allows for far more detailed information about items and shops. As a result, losses and theft are reduced tenfold. The most impressive characteristic of RFID is its data-monitoring capability, which enables it to track the whereabouts of any object in real-time. For organizations, it has become evident that RFID technology is a potential way for reducing theft and company shrinkage.

Anti-shoplifting alarms work in tandem with RFID technology, which allows all items to be correctly traced as soon as a consumer walks through one of the radio wave detection gates. If an item was not deactivated at the time of purchase, it would generate small electrical impulses that would communicate radio waves to the appropriate readers.

RFID technology is perfect for retail stores to track their inventory regardless of where it is stored, and generate reports and status updates about them.

RFID Asset Tracking in Corporate

Through a centralized system that records accurate asset information, asset monitoring software can manage any corporation’s resources. RFID will help businesses track their assets’ entire lifecycles, from the moment they’re added to the system through all of the transfers, alterations, and changes that occur along the way, to their final disposal.

An asset monitoring software is perfect for companies that have a large number of assets and numerous locations. It’s also a good idea for organizations trying to grow because these platforms have been tried and true in terms of addressing company demands in the past, present, and future. 

This is especially true for companies that span over multiple cities, countries, and continents that want to decrease their overhead costs.

How can I Implement an RFID System For My Business?

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