CS108 Asset Tracking Solution

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CS108 is the best in class read range UHF RFID Bluetooth sled reader in the market. It works with all Android phones, iPhones, and Tablets. It enables fast inventory of items in business processes where fixed reader class performance is required in a portable device.

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Product Features & Specifications

Read Range:
– Up to 18 meters with Linear Polarization.
– Up to 15 meters with Circular Polarized Antenna. (tag and environment)

Ruggedized design
– Drop test 1.2 meters on 6 surfaces, IP54 rated

Optional 2d Barcode Scanner Module

Battery Capacity
3,400 mAh, field replaceable Option: extra battery (CS1088); external charger (CS108C)

Bluetooth 4.1 (BLE), USB-C

Antenna Polarization
Vertically linear / Horizontally linear / Circular polarized

Multi-Platform Compatibility
The CS108 brings high performance UHF RFID scanning to devices running a wide range of Operating Systems including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Frequency Range
One of the following: 865-868 MHz, 865-867 MHz, 902-928 MHz, 922-928 MHz, 920-925 MHz, 915-922 MHz, 915-921 MHz

Dimensions (without 2D Barcode Module)
Length: 161 mm (6.34 in)
Width: 90 mm (3.54 in.)
Height: 161 mm (6.34 in)
Weight: 639 g

Operating Temp: -20°C to 55°C (-4° F to 131°F)
Storage Temp: -40° C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F)

ISO18000-6C, EPC UHF Class 1 Gen 2, Dense Reader Mode available (Class 3 Gen 2 compliant)

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